The Key (A Fairytale) - The Final Chapter - A Promise to Keep (Part 1)

     "What worries me now gives me great king," said Weepasa with a disinterested look on his face as he carefully peeled a mango.
     "There are many things I was taught during my trip, but some of my questions never answered," I complained, "are, and they are now a permanent burden."
Weepasa put the mango in and said: "The goal can be reached shows the path traveled, my dear king. As you pursue ambitions led after the button has not this way, the desireIt further desire to increase competitiveness in you as you think will be fought, what you, you are not? As long as you search, you'll always be in this state of becoming, something, something to want to want more and more, but if you're not looking, and the road just traveled, because it is there, the goal, and the trip will be in love. Can not you see that? Only then can you relax in this moment of eternity. Can we finally do that now?No?
     "Some of you may have to open his eyes, slowly, so the shock is tolerable, for arriving at a point where the experience ends, is shocking and not for the inexperienced traveler - and obviously you are still on the road, because you have not yet seen the emptiness of all things. Some questions will never be answered, my friend. "
"But how would I know?"
     "Know? You want to know?" You stupid, ambitious man. Do not you understand? "Can not you see that to know to find the answers meanYou do not know? Know responses and that are dead! They are history, locked in the minds of your pathetic, false, preventing little

One Night in Bangkok - Murray Head (HQ Audio)

Murray Head Middle 80's Classic Great Song Vid