Preparing for Thailand

Majority of people in Thailand speak the Thai language. If you are planning to travel to Thailand, will be some of the local dialects and phrases useful. Apart from sightseeing, there are also fun to deal with the locals. The Thai are known known for their hospitality and their happiness is doubled when a foreigner or a traveler tries to see and speak their language too. Many Thais can not speak English. Therefore, learn their language would definitely be an additionalAdvantage for you.

You'll not only learn a new language but also gain a rich insight into the culture and heritage of Thailand. You also have the advantage, moving easily in Thailand if you are equipped with the Thai language.

If you speak the language, you should record with 'end crab', if you are male and Kha "if you are a woman. Thai language has a musical lilt it, from high to medium to low pitch sounds. Stressing on a word or stretching of the word is even more the importance of the word and the sentence. When you hear that speak Thai, then you can get a better idea of how one must speak this beautiful sweet language.

To mention just a few sentences in Thai, "Sa-wat dee" means Hello and Goodbye, koon means khorben Thank Gee bathroom? ie, how much?, Arai What does this mean Sai left, right Kwaa means Gai mai? Medium Is it far? Means Tum mai, Why? and Chai / Mai Chai ie, Yes / No.

When you go shopping in> Thailand, you can use some of the expressions such as "Ra ka thao rai? How much sense does it cost?" Paeng Pai means "that is a little expensive," lot noi dai mai "means you make it cheaper times ? and yes ma mai meaning, "I will come."

These sentences will help you find your way while traveling, interacting with shopkeepers and talking with the locals.

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What kind of contact is appropriate in Thailand?

Once I was traveling in Mexico, and I met a girl from Spain. Just as I was, she backpacking across the country and we spent a few days hiking and sightseeing together. Then we both continue on our separate ways. When we said our good-bye, she kissed me on the cheek, and I hugged her. We were both surprised and a little uncomfortable.

In those days I did not know that kisses on the cheeks is a normal way of greeting in several European countries. And they did not know thatHug is a normal exchange between friends in the U.S.. But in the U.S., we are not to kiss on the cheek when we greet someone, and in Spain people do not embrace casual friends. So I was a little surprised to kiss her and she was surprised by my embrace.

Now I live in Thailand and moving is an interesting thread here. Girls often walk hand in hand, and people sometimes put her arm around the shoulder of another man in a casual manner. Thais have often socializing in the bodyContact, but only in an informal manner.

In America, it would be seen as very odd, two women walking around hand in hand, or a man with one arm around the shoulders of another. In social settings, which in general we avoid physical contact. Two are fine touches: hand shakes, and sometimes a hug. Hugs can be a quick light pat on the back or can truly from the heart with friends or in a situation where we are somebody who is sad or comforting grief.

But in Thailand the incidental contactnot included embraces. Actually, hugging is not done here and is considered very inappropriate. Thais do not hug each other at all and foreigners looking to draw in the embrace of the public disapproving. Men and women are not held by the public and kissing in public is seen as strange or even offensive. The loose connection is in order to touch more so than in the U.S., but a meaningful, sincere way is not right. Also contact the head of a person is considered very inappropriate.

To win the Western habits aA foothold in Thailand, do not exist kissing lovers either. Instead, Thais themselves smelled cheeks. Western-style handshakes are not appropriate either. Instead, the Thais put his palms together and bow slightly, depending on social status.

One way of contact is quite common in Thailand and the Thai massage is. Enjoyed in the professional attitude Touch Massage and appreciated. It is also quite common for women to each other a littleShoulder and neck massage during the work day. Men do not.

As in many countries, massage is sometimes used as a come-on for sexual services, but most of the massage shops are clean and legitimate.

Remember that touching habits in Thailand are very different from our Western ways. Some Thais, who have spent much time in the West, are comfortable with the hand shake or even a hug, but in general the best advice is to avoid touching Thais in any way. If youwant to be mentioned here, treat yourself to a massage or Thai oil massage, which is available everywhere for a few dollars per hour. This is one of the great luxuries of life in Thailand.

Art Workshop Holidays in Thailand?

Most people who vacation in Thailand have to visit a similar pattern in terms of their sightseeing possibilities, it is usually the same places and tourist to the same traditional activities. Now this phenomenon in almost every destination, not just Thailand. In any case, I'm stopping Joe Average tourist in his decisions, but sometimes feels uncomfortable JAT deviates from the norm and find a comfort zone in the followingthe pack.

As an example, is the typical tourist to Bangkok for a few days in this great metropolis, its route normally includes an all-day highlights tour visiting the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Jim Thompson's House and a river boat trip, including Dinner on the Chao Phraya River. Now, a tourist visiting New York City, whose itinerary is similar to the Empire State Building, the Statute of Liberty, World Trade Center,Central Park and Broadway. In addition, the ladies usually like to be on a shopping spree in Bangkok, a shopping center, such as MTC to go, in addition to shopping for bargains in colorful night market in Bangkok.

Now, if the tourists were some of the alternative activities, alongside traditional attractions Expeditions is known, he would really have the opportunity to have a unique experience, unique. Bent For those people with an artistic, they want to considerA special 2 days / 1 night Watercolor Workshop with Pe SEENAME, an internationally known watercolorist from Bangkok, the workshop will take place in a rural area next to a beautiful river, about an hour's drive from Bangkok.

While in Chiang Mai, Thailand s '2. largest city and gateway to northern Thailand, a good option for the artistically inclined would be a special 3 days / 2 nights at a rustic terracotta workshop host family, the closest mountain village of MaeRim, about 30 minutes from Chiang Mai. While you're in Mae Rim, you can visit an elephant camp in the region and on a small elephant trek into the countryside. What an exciting adventure!

) As an aside, in the defense of some JAT (Joe Average tourist, many times, JAT has a very limited time in a favorite destination spot. As.a result, the most sensible solution is to do for him, "the popular City Highlights Tour."

Rent a house in Pattaya Thailand - What you should know!

Rental Properties in Pattaya Thailand is pretty much the same as at home. In other words, you have the first foundations.

Find rent a desired range.

Visit the area in the morning, afternoon and evening. The evening on Friday and Saturday are the most say. Many projects are mixed. Importance of both Thai and Western families live side by side. Now, for the most part Thai make good neighbors. But some who like to celebrate and examine music so loud on the weekends. MostWest can no longer play with loud music and people singing for hours on end. You also need to understand that if you offered to explain to them that the music is too loud, they do not really understand what the problem is and you'll probably have a beer and something to eat.

If you talk to your neighbors Thai they will most likely agree with you, do not.

Other things, where, after: In contrast to many developed countries where, if you own a house, it is to live inonly. Many Thais will have a house there in the business especially if the property is on the road front. So, what can be very quiet and at night can be good, a metal-work day.

If the house, you have to attract a high wall around the garden, looking over them to see what is there. It is an exclusive project here in East Pattaya, the beautiful house will cost no less than 8 million baht, but behind a house is a metal-works. The high fence is notHelp !!!!!!!!!

So is not your first home after work. Earlier I have examples of what might happen, and what to look for, thank God, this is not common, but it happens given.

Once you have found somewhere to rent and satisfied with your area before you ask her hand over a deposit of these questions.

1) Does the project have 24 hour security.

2) What facilities shall provide the project. EC. Swimming pool or clubhouse.

3) What equipment costs? Collection and site maintenance. SomeProjects built and once sold all the houses, leaving the company without any form of maintenance or security in place. This is an important question too. IF IT DOES NOT trickle charge. DO NOT LET.

4) How much to pay water and electricity? Where is the project office?

5) Does the project have written rules about living there? You will find this especially in the most exclusive projects.

Now the time has come to hand over the deposit. If you live forthen usually one months rental deposit of one months. Never again. If, however you are not surprised to 6 months rent if you will be asked for a deposit equivalent to two months rent. You will also be asked to pay one month's rent in advance, this is common practice.

Always make sure you have a written contract. The contract is in English and Thai.

After you finish your rent is sunning himself on the return of property in the same condition as when movedin.

Please note: Your deposit will be returned to you minus any outstanding charges for water and electricity. Damage that has occurred on the property while you lived in a hotel, it could have also lead to partial loss, if not all of your deposit. So please always consumed to return the property clean and in good condition.

Condo Apartment Rental in vista - 2B Talay Jomtien Pattaya, Thailand

Condos for rent in View Talay 2B Jomtien Pattaya, Thailand. Today, at 2B View Talay condo apartments in Jomtien Pattaya Thailand. 2B View Talay Jomtien condominium has a reputation as one of the best cared for and maintained condominium in Jomtien Pattaya.

Whoever decides to rent a condo complex can be sure to run properly, and adheres to, and in many cases exceeds all local governmentRegulations. Within the last year have been changed and all emergency exits are clearly marked. Employees are regularly trained in fire safety. The soils are lost a full repaint with many pleasant extras such as pictures and decorative pots were added.

The feedback from guests who have stayed is always positive in terms of the cleanliness of the buildings and the way everything is in contrast to many other complexes, which give the impression that must have looked a paintwould not miss too. On the ground floor (1. floor), there are many shops. Internet, you can relax in. with a traditional Thai massage and restaurants need not to eat the clothes made afraid. There are 4 in the building. Often, your laundry will be ready the next day.

Another attractive feature of this building is the security of View Talay 2B has 24 roaming security officers and CCTV on all floors and entrances. To enter the building you need a key card. This card, providing you with the same keyNeed to gain the access to the large private swimming pool. The pool is of palm trees and there is a restaurant serving Thai and Western dishes surrounded. An idyllic place to relax.

The location of View Talay 2 is excellent. The main entrance is just a short stroll to the beach at Jomtien. (7 minutes). If you go to Pattaya. Take over one of the many buses, the baht. By View Talay 2 It is just 5 minutes baht bus ride. (That's without traffic andTailwind) On second thought to 10 minutes in order to be on the safe side. The cost for the bus to Pattaya should be no more than 20 baht. Never ask the driver of the baht bus to take you to Pattaya. It will cost you 200Baht. Just get on your back and press the bell when you get out.

If you think about it, letting be, here in View Talay 2B then the cost for a 37m ² studio rooms ranging from 12,000 baht per month to 19,000 for a very special home. A bed-room apartments startof 30,000 and a two-bed, we have only 45,000 in month.

View Talay 2 offers great value and location on the relatively inexpensive cost.

Contact us or visit our website:

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Damnoen Saduak, Colorful Floating Market Activities in Bangkok, Thailand

After the floating market tour package offered by thaifly website, and I'm happy for the floating market program for incoming holiday season Saturday with the long term, this site offers me a very nice added additional activities and costs. Guide leader informed that a couple of floating markets around Bangkok. Most of them commercialized imitation of Damnoen Saduak.

"What does' Damnoen Saduak" mean? The Thai word - pronounced-Damnoen Saduak - ie,"Easy walking distance"

Damnoen Saduak-Walk and convenience

What is space, you can with one question in your head, do not worry, I present to you a little bit famous about this place.

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is Damnoen Saduak District, Ratchaburi Province, about 105 km from Bangkok. According to the story

1866 King Rama IV ordered that a 32 km have long canal dug at Damnoen Saduak. This channel would be connected to the Mae Klong riverwith tachée River.

The excellent quality soil beside the canal is very fertile and suitable for growing many types of fruit and vegetables. The area is famous for Malacca grape, Chinese grapefruit famous, mangos, bananas and coconuts.

While Thailand has several floating markets, not far away (cover about 100 km from the city. From Bangkok), this floating market is the liveliest and most visited each site, it famous with different kinds of fruit. The market isover 100 years old as the history above and not usually changed environment, whereas the traditional Thai style houses and steamer brings you back to wondering about the history.

Even those who might have never been to Thailand a few posters or postcards from floating market to see that the photogenic backdrop in the Museum Shop you can find everywhere in Thailand, even at the airport. I do not know how much you paid for, but I can buy a dozen photos for 100 Baht to. What a surprise!,However, if you have digital, you can take a picture as beautiful as you want and a unique style of your postcard or poster.

You will see all about pedal boats along the canal that I can estimate about a hundred () thousand. Shipload of different types of foods and local fruits, you can order as he moved. The color of fresh fruit you do not want to be in a position to make or just a picture. In this situation, can you lose a little money for them.

During the event that youwould like to see another place, or looking for beautiful corner to take a photo, you can take a water taxi (long tail boat) at 300 baht, rent for an hour, you can hit the horrendous traffic there, as in downtown Bangkok. Everything on offer here, to participate in this fun, you can Thai style snack or breakfast on the boat or alongside the canal, fruit, snacks, hats, t-shirts, vegetables, silk dress, toys, handicrafts and souvenirs, as cheap and .

On your next vacation, if you plan toBangkok, Thailand, I heartily recommend you further information about Thailand by TAT website that will be more useful recommendation for your wonderful journey.

Health Tourism in Thailand

     Private Health Insurance in the West is notoriously expensive, prohibitively so for some. Everyday things such as medical or dental health check-ups are high-priced, while surgery and major surgery can be quite a lot of people into bankruptcy. Thus, the rapidly growing practice of traveling across international borders will get across to healthcare.
     Many have found their solutions in Thailand, encouraging a trend in "health tourism" within the country. Why Thailand? "As the ThaiMedical profession is one of the most modern in the region. Thailand 's hospitals and clinics are world class. Investment in equipment and management standards are so high that the major hospitals are "internationally accredited.
Following are some "ballpark" cost comparisons. The operation cost is one tenth of what it is in the U.S. or Western Europe, and sometimes even less. A heart-valve replacement, of the 200,000 U.S. would cost $ or more in the U.S., for example, isfor $ 10,000 and the return flight and a brief vacation package contains. Similarly, a metal-free dental bridge worth $ 5500 is in the U.S. costs about $ 500. A knee replacement in Thailand with six days of physical therapy costs about one fifth of what it in the U.S.. Lasik eye surgery worth $ 3700 in the U.S. for around $ 730 are available. In the USA cataract surgery for one eye runs around $ 8000, but in a prestigious International hospital in Thailand cataract surgery canperformed on both eyes for around $ 2,500. Cosmetic surgery savings are even greater: A full facelift that would cost $ 20,000 in the U.S. runs about $ 1,200. A thorough dental cleaning and checkup results, at $ 10.00.
     Tourists in Thailand, for several reasons - tropical beauty, pristine beaches and a fascinating culture. But health is another reason that visitors to the kingdom. Thailand, the spa attracts capital of Asia. The country is rich in healthClubs and spas, and offers an incredible amount of sporting activities, everything from golf to explore diving, cycling up and down in the cave.
     Thai Airlines offers what is known as Royal Orchid Holidays. Medical check-ups have become so important, Royal Orchid Holidays has added to its screening package. It is an unusual topic for a package, perhaps, but a very practical one, so that travelers have the option of a comprehensive medical check-up, while they areThailand for business travelers and tourists. Quality in Health Care with a tourism vacation at an affordable price combined patients from around the world.
     On the medical side an Internet search of the International hospital in Bangkok will provide all necessary information regarding medical procedures available and the associated costs. While the list is long to start, do your search of the famous Bumrungrad Hospital, Bangkok Hospital are, Samitivej Hospital and Bangkok NursingHome Hospital. They are all internationally recognized hospitals.
     On the tourism side, Thailand is known as the land of smiles. It is often described as the most exotic country in Southeast Asia. In Bangkok, a visit to the Grand Palace is a must. Trips to a floating market or the bridge on the River Kwai, or other popular destinations, are arranged easily and cheaply, with a personal driver. Enjoy a short flight or a train running over night, and you can be thepristine beaches in the southern islands and in the northern mountains with its waterfalls, elephants bathing in mountain streams, and Hill Tribe villages.
Consider health tourism in Thailand. You will easily recognize that you may have a medical procedure, and a nice vacation, all at a lower cost that you would have for the medical procedure alone in the West must bear.

Buy Property in Thailand - but make sure Do It Right

     Have you thought at a certain time that you want to buy property in Thailand, but then decided it would be too difficult? If so, you are not alone.
It is amazing that so many Internet sites, and in so many trade magazines, there are plenty of articles about how a house in Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, etc., but it's so hard about how to buy Find and buy property in Thailand.
     But Thailand is one of the most attractive places inthe world of property. With its lush, exotic scenery, its wealth of beautiful temples, its constant sunshine and warm charm and friendliness of the people, she has to seek an appeal to none. And it's not so difficult for

Thailand Visa

n this article we have chosen the outstanding Thai visas that take a particular interest to foreigners.
1. One year multiple entry Non Immigrant Visa
This year a visa you can stay 90 days for each entry into a period of one year. If you want to stay in Thailand for more than 90 days you will then only have to cross the border to Thailand, or leave and renew again, doing 90-day-visas. It is not difficult to extend your stay, youjust across the border and if the Immigration Officer prove your visa in your passport. You are automatically a visa stamp in your passport which means that your visa has been extended. You can Thailand's neighboring "countries to travel, or you can immediately return to Thailand.
This is One Year Non-Immigrant Visa from overseas, you can apply for a work permit and business visa in Thailand or if you are qualified to preserve, you can also convertthis leads to a retirement or Marriage Visa, while you are in Thailand, which will be one years continuous residence in Thailand.
In addition to use when you get your visa the last time just before it expires, in addition to 3 months, so that the total duration of a visa will be this year, almost 15 months.

Thailand private investigators a tough job

Thailand private investigators offering some of the best services in the field of private investigation. You have a good network of connections and private investigators offer the best services. Private investigation is becoming an important part of Thailand before the marital background checks. The high incidence of prostitution, which is available today makes it an indispensable tool. In addition to these private investigators have also become more sophisticated in their methodologyCollection of information.
Thailand Private Investigators today also lost in locating the persons involved and people who had been kidnapped. The use of global positioning systems as an important educational tool for the detection shows the extent of the investigation of private investigation

Maeklong : State Railway of Thailand

Mahachai to Maeklong

Fruit from Thailand

It is said that Thailand is a paradise for fruit lovers and you will find an incredible variety of fruits in Thailand. Thailand is rich in fruits and serves as a major revenue generators for the country. A large number of fruits can easily be found in the numerous fruit shops, supermarkets and markets. The fruits that are available here are much cheaper than in other countries compared. Sometimes, fruit sellers at the endtaste the fruit to tourists free of charge. This practice is prevalent on the beaches, where most tourists spend their holidays.
Traditionally, the Thai people to end a meal with fruit. Sweeter Thai desserts are kept for snacks between meals. A Thai breakfast usually consists of variety of fresh fruit and traditional sweets. Aside from eating delicious, healthy, fresh fruit, after Thai meal is a sure

Visit Thailand - Visit Similan Islands

     The Similan Islands are only about 84 km northwest of Phuket in the crystal clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea. The islands have been popular with tourists because of its clear blue waters, especially with divers. The most interesting spots, seems therefore to be found beneath the waves. Many spectacular coral growths in the world can be found here.
The Similan Islands are just as popular in their own right because of the low-lying formations covered with thick forestsIronwood and eucalyptus trees. The islands are also home to many species of animals and endangered animals.
     The Similan Islands consist of ten small islands. The first island is Hu-Yong and Koh Nueng (Koh means island in Thai). Koh Nueng scored a white sandy beach and is the longest beach of all the other islands. It is a place for sea turtles lay their eggs, and it is a good place for deep diving.
     The second island and Koh Pa-Young Song. There is no beach on the island. So,it's just a good side of the deep diving and snorkeling. The third island and Koh Pa-Youn Sam. Furthermore, there is no beach on the island. Generally, people call themselves this island "The Great Wall Iceland" because it is a rock formation as the wall under the sea around the

Secrets To Buying Thailand Condominiums

     One question that we asked again and again, if you have received permission from the government prior to the acquisition of property. To buy a condo or an apartment in Thailand is very easy if you are a non-Thai. Most projects have a 51% -49% ownership rule. If the building more than 51% owned by Thai, a foreigner can buy and own house or apartment condo. If not, you need to lease the apartment purchase as 30 years. Check with the local land office before purchase if you are unsureon the property deed.
     Buying directly from the developer has seen several advantages: You get a number of properties in Thailand which meets your needs, you have the advantage of long experience, and an English speaking office to assist you in your home country and may contribute to possible misunderstandings eliminated, and it helps you take the stress of shopping in Thailand or abroad concerns.
Transactions and payments are simply made byWiring of your home bank account. It is always better to let the Thai banks to convert your money in Thailand then you can convert to bank before Baht wire. This tip along, you can have thousands of dollars if you go, a large amount of wire. Some developers can "lock in" a rate for you before you wire. Make sure

If you buy property in Thailand?

     Southeast Asia has always had a special attraction for me. When I started spending time there about 5 years ago. I love the organized chaos of the streets in Bangkok, the food is prepared right in front of you, and the haggling at the markets. Amazing.
     Overall, I've spent more than 3 months in Thailand and I have so many fond memories, add to that the fact that it provides exactly in the middle of Australia and Qantas a stopover of only 45 minutes which you receive faster Oz. It's a greatTarget.
I am usually a week long stopover on the way back to England. It gives me a tiring after 2 weeks with family and friends and the 2 hours break massages for about £ 7th What more could you want? :)
     So naturally l thought if I spend so much time here / I might as well buy a property. Then, of course, whether I'm ready to buy and have done extensive research, why should

Things You Should Know Before You Going To Thailand

Thailand has three main seasons:
November-February = Hot.
March-May = hot and humid.
June-October = hot and humid (rainy season)
     Whenever you go, it will be hot. Take care, light cotton shirts, shorts and sandals pack when you wear them. Thailand is predominantly a casual affair, but when you get to the temples or the palace, you dressed for the occasion. Men, no shorts and long sleeves are preferred. Ladies, no shorts, short skirts orTops. If you are in Thailand for a few weeks, see a need for a few days of showers contain a hint (it can be that hot) This means going through some clothes. At each corner is a Thai washing machine that will take care of your clothes for you and at affordable prices. The hotels offer the same service but at much higher rates and they usually get them around the corner to the same shop! Here you will find many markets selling clothes no longer so cheap pack ... save the room for theThey are little things to bring back.
     Toiletries, you can go as far as everything that can be found cheaply in Thailand. So, unless you have a favorite that you can not live without, you can all your supplies at stores like 7 / 11, Carefour or Tesco will receive it and live it. You do not need to add all the extra weight and buy new toiletries for the trip, if you can get it there and much cheaper.


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