Things to See in Thailand

Thailand has long been a popular tourist destination. Cheap, navigable, family friendly, and with a range of activities, it is easy to see why it is so popular. With the world economy has to shrink to visit Thailand to an even better choice. Hotel prices have been cut and flights have become cheaper. If that's not reason enough, here are some others:

Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you deserted beaches and lush resorts,Thailand has an island for you. You can choose between Phuket, a popular destination for families, Ko Phang Nagn, a popular destination for backpackers and Ko Lipe, a goal out of the way in the south of Thailand. No matter where you go, you find wide, white sandy beaches, crystal clear diving, cheap accommodation, seafood you can find amazing, and great diving.

If beaches and scuba diving are not interesting for you, Thailand aa variety of other activities for you. There aremany historical sites such as Sukkotthai, Lopburi and Ayutthaya, where you can see the ancient capital of the Thai kingdom. Khmer influence and some stunning architecture.

Continue north for lush jungle, hill tribes and rafting expeditions. In the north, in Chiang Mai, you will also find some of the best shopping in Thailand at the Chiang Mai night market. Chiang Mai has some amazing temples and is one of the centers of Buddhism in the country. If you head aA little further north to Chiang Rai, you can use this city as a base to explore the wild and undeveloped north.

However, the best part of Thailand's beaches and a trip to the country needs to spend much time at one of its many islands. With so many islands it has to be tied to your travel style. The well-known and less touristy islands such as Ko Lipe, offer travelers affordable accommodation, authentic interaction with the locals better and Divingfewer people with the share of beaches. Most people come here to the sun and there are good reasons for it. Whatever your reason to come here, you have a great time with so many options available.

Recommended hotels in Koh Samui in Thailand

Koh Samui, it has become a popular tourist destination in Thailand, hundreds of hotels and resorts in various household and sealing a wide range of activities. It is customary for the first time to Samui tourist to feel the choice of accommodation in scene quickly overwhelmed. Here is a list of recommended hotels in Koh Samui in Thailand, is to help you, your dream pad.

1. Amari Palm Reef Resort, Chaweng beach: The five-star resort is located at the northern end of Chaweng beach is the last wordLuxury and comfort. The Thai-style resort's buildings are located beneath the palm trees of the place hides allow privacy and tranquility.

2. Anantara Resort & Spa Koh Samui, Bophut beach: Located off the beaten track on Bophut beach, Anantara Resort on the Fisherman's Cove is located. The calm and tranquil beach beckons travelers to this luxury resort. Thai architecture of the place adds local flavor to the atmosphere. The spa is located on the grounds are popular withinternational customers. Many come to enjoy the use of the signature Anantara spa treatments.

3. Atlantis Resort & Spa, Choeng Mon Beach: Nestled between the picturesque beach and the green landscape, retain Atlantis Resort, a serene village like atmosphere. Here guests get to enjoy the ancient Thai traditions with modern amenities.

4. Baan Haad Ngam Boutique Resort, Chaweng beach: In a remote part of the famous Chaweng beach, guests of the Baan Haad Ngam BoutiqueInfrastructure will enjoy the privacy and lively atmosphere, and if they so wish. The resort right on the beach is the epitome of luxury and comfort.

5. Baan Talay Villa Hua Tanon beach: Away from the tourist circuit, Baan Talay Villa is located on the isolated Natien beach on the southern parts of the island of Samui. The resort offers its guests many opportunities to revel in nature.

Select a Hotel Samui in Thailand from the list to make your holiday unforgettable Samui.

Traveling to Thailand? - 6 Valuable Tips Before You Go

To make the most of your stay in Thailand, it really is worth some effort into preparations for the holidays by learning a few things about Thai customs and language, before you put out of operation. You will find it much more fun and rewarding experience if you do too. There are many excellent guides available, of course, such as Lonely Planet, Fodor's guides, etc., but here are 6 valuable tips before you go:

1st Thailand is a fascinating country with an ancient historyand culture. It's worth reading a bit about the story. It's also worth reading something about their religions, above all, their main religion - Buddhism. Buddhism is very strong in Thailand, with the exception of some areas in the south (on neighboring Malaysia), the Muslim militant and all are like that. There are a few Christian churches in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other centers, and some of the mountain people. During a visit to a Buddhist temple, it is customary to remove aShoes. If you squat on the floor, make sure that your feet off to the side and are hidden and the soles of the feet are not pointing to the image of the Buddha that would be disrespectful.

2. The people of Thailand are very friendly, very polite and friendly. It is important to be polite in return. Normally, the service you will receive will be very good, but if for some reason you are unhappy with something and wish to complain, do not forget it in a calm, soberManner without your voice or is abusive. Never do anything that will humiliate someone in front of others, as this could lead to serious consequences. It is very important for a Thai person, do not lose face.

3. Find In addition to the many good Thai restaurants and western style food outlets you can find thousands of fast-food stalls on the streets, selling all kinds of food. The food from these stalls (is), including fresh fruit, very cheap and in 99.9% of cases, is hygienictreated and completely safe. I have lived in Thailand and have never had food poisoning from eating street food. Only water guard (except) in bottles and ice in particular.

4. The people of Thailand are very proud of their monarchy and the king very much appreciated and loved by the people. Be careful, a remark which practice will be taken as disrespectful to the king or the royal family.

5. If you want to learn to speak a few words in the Thai languagelike hello ( 'Sawat Dee cape "if a man or Sawat Dee Kaa" when spoken by a woman speaking), or thank you (' Kap khun kap 'spoken by a man or' Kap khun kaa ", spoken by a woman), is pleased the average Thai person, and it will respect you. But with a few words and phrases, be sure to get the correct pronunciation and especially intonation. In Thai the same word can have several meanings depending on whether the voice has a low or high tone, a rising or falling tone,or remains at a level tone. For example, the word "khao" give rice, white mountain think he / she or messages, depending on say, how you place it.

As you can imagine, this can lead to some misunderstandings Omitted and very confused looks in the name of the person you speak to. For example, to ask the waitress for some milk into your cup (sai nom) pour could be taken as "would you mind shaking your breasts! But remember, understand Thai people that foreigners Farang () is often done something wrong andThey take into account the context of the conversation. In this way, they will probably guess what you meant perhaps say really. So do not give up, try for once.

6. Finally, before you go to expand your appreciation of the country, why not read a novel that is set in Thailand (such as "The Orchid file '). If you are not the first time, then read it on the Fly over. It will continue to improve your understanding of this fascinating country.

Boat Racing in Thailand

The regatta will be in Thailand every year during the month of September, when all the rivers and waterways are in full swing. The races are all over the country, especially in the provinces of Pichit, Phitsanulok, Narathiwat, Nan, Angthong, Pathum Thani, Surat Thani and Ayutthaya instead.

The boat race is a traditional event in Thailand. History of Boat Racing dates back to Ayutthaya kingdom about 600 years ago. During this time, the races were held in order to keep the peoplephysically and mentally fit at a time when it was still constant shadow of the looming war over the land. Today, however, regattas and boat-race entertainment is considered a national sport.

The boats in boat races will be used from a single large trunk of a tree shelter built. Each boat can accommodate a maximum of 60 rowers. The rowers sit in two rows, to move the boat at maximum speed. Each boat is given a different colored dress. All rowers in a boatwear a similar outfit. During the race, the boats will be decorated with a variety of flowers and ribbons.

The regatta is a colorful festival, which attracts many local and foreign spectators. Viewers will see the sport with great enthusiasm and lasts right until the end of the race, with spectators cheering their favorite team. The improvised narrative of professional speaker makes the sport more interesting, and the audience have funduring exercise. At the end of the race, the winning team receives a trophy and prize.

Lisu Tribe Of Thailand

Lisu are one of the tribal groups living in Thailand, and there are approximately 27,900 Lisu living in 135 villages of northern Thailand. The Lisu tribe originated in China and moved to Thailand sometime in the 20th Century. They grow rice and vegetables.

Earlier former opium poppy growing, but after an initiative of the Government who have Lisu starts selling artisan products, the villages in the area. The villages which they live, are in the vicinity of the villageMarket and thus still earn money by selling their goods.

Lisu live in houses made of bamboo. Each house has an ancestral altar. They are animists and firmly believe in ghosts. Perform rituals and ceremonies to their ancestors, spirits of the forest, trees, sun, moon, and everyday objects. They also believe in the village guardian spirits. Women are not allowed in the guardian spirit shrines. Despite the modern appearance of some of their villages with electricity, television andConcrete slab houses lead the Lisu live a very traditional one.

Their traditional dress is the most colorful in comparison to other strains. The Lisu women's clothes for her family. The clothing is mostly handmade and woven by hand. Not just the life that is leading them, traditionally, they wear traditional costumes. The women wear colorful costumes, consisting of blue or green colored knee-length skirts with a wide black belt and blue or green pants. Sleeves, shoulders and cuffsstrongly with narrow horizontal stripes embroidered in blue, red and yellow. They carry large quantities of handmade silver jewelry for special occasions. The Lisu men produce crossbows, add to musical instruments, bird and animal traps their income.

Chatuchak Market in Thailand

Bangkok's Chatuchak Market is a must. There is nothing like experiencing a market in 35 hectares of land with over 15,000 distributed stall selling everything from Buddha statues to exotic pets and T-shirts.

Chatuchak Market is located right next to Chatuchak Park, which is at the northern end of Bangkok. The market is open only on weekends, and you should make sure that you get it early at 9.30 clock and 10 clock at the latest. You will find that by noon the marketbuzzing with people, and you will be crowded some of the crowd. Make sure that you have a sharp eye on your wallet or purse until the end otherwise they lose the pickpockets on the market could.

A simple way to get to Chatuchak market is taking the Skytrain and you have to get off at the last stop on the Sukkhumvit line, which is to the north. The stop is Mo Chit and you will clearly see how the many state of the Skytrain runs into the station. From the skytrain station, the marketis a 5-minute walk. Alternatively, the subway and get off at the stop Kampangphet. The entrance to the MRT subway station is located right in the middle of the market.

Make sure a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothing and shoes. How can you all and everything in Chatuchak Market, you buy your gifts are there, how you get things in the position for half the price of a conventional "tourist" shop. You get the best bargains at Chatuchak market for Thai silk, handicrafts,Wood carvings, jewelry and precious stones.

Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind - a personal look at the Thai Culture

In 1995, while living in the U.S., they offered me a really good job in Thailand. My vision of Thailand was exotic and wild, knew with jungle, beach and temple, but at the same time, not me, something about the culture and the people.

In preparation for the move, the company gave me the book "Mai Pen Rai means Never Mind by Carol Hollinger. The subtitle of the book "An American housewife honest love affair with the irrepressible human> Thailand. "I started, but not in the correct path, and then decided it would be better if I formed my own opinion and left the book alone.

I've just finished reading it, 10 years after his departure from Thailand, and I absolutely enjoyed every minute.

Carol Hollinger came to Thailand with her husband in his work, but decided to go and do their own thing. She secured a job as a lecturer at the best university in Thailand and deepenedcould be as much in contact with the Thai people like them.

She was fortunate to be able to meet some influential Thai people, as well as some of the most important foreigner to be from their experience deeper and more meaningful than most people, but at every turn, took her opportunities, no matter how strange They are very close and personal with the land, animals, people, history, food, buildings and whatever else they could find them. She was not deterred by the weather, fatigue, illnessor language barriers. She waded or dove into murky water, ate and drank what she said with her hands and face, listened with his eyes and heart and felt loved by the Thai not universally observed.

The language in the book shows the author's knowledge of fancy words and the books she was reading, which may be brought to the reader a little bit down, but the love of friendly Thai people and their culture is still clearly communicated .

It takes courage to be guided by conventionsand just enjoy. Carol Hollinger enjoyed not only in Thailand, which released it Americanism, but seemed at any moment of writing this excellent book to enjoy. I found myself smiling to myself many times when I read were all nervous about some of the Thai Foreign antics, while "Acharn" Hollinger watched and giggled on the inside. Many of these episodes resembled my own experience in Thailand and elsewhere.

"Mai pen rai" is a veryrecommended if you plan to go, to Thailand. If you are not, makes it even more interesting to read and you may need to travel to Thailand and meet these wonderful people from the land of smiles to spark.

Facts about Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand is spread over 513,115 square kilometers. It corresponds to the size of France and a little smaller than Texas. The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok. Other cities in Thailand are Nakhon Ratchasima, Chiang Mai and Muang.

Population of Thailand is more than 63 million euros. Most Thais are Buddhists, while there are also Muslims, Hindus and Christians, but are in the minority. The language of Thailand is Thai. However, English isspoken isolated.

Thailand has fertile soil conducive for agriculture and most people in rural areas earn their living by growing rice in the central, northern and north-eastern part of Thailand. The climate of Thailand is tropical. However, the development and industrialization, Thailand is taking place, what a lot of people migrating from rural areas to cities.

The Thai language is similar to Tai, the language of the people speaklive in southern China. This has led to a conviction that the Thai originated in southern China before migrating to Southeast Asia in the 6th or 7 Century resulted. Until 1938, when Thailand was Siam. It has a very close relationship with Britain, the Treaty of Amity and Commerce signed in 1938 with Thailand and ended up being the first time that this country is recognized by a Western power.

Japanese occupied Thailand during World War II. In 1945,were defeated by the Japanese, began in Thailand, helped close relations with the United States to get the communist regime to power.

Economy of Thailand is represented by exports. Rice is the main cash crop and is exported to many countries around the world. Fisheries and other related products are an important industry, and with rubber, corn and sugar forms a large part of the export market.

Amazing Thailand - discover and be amazed

Amazing Thailand is a paradise for travelers. Not only that Thailand is full of white sandy beaches and islands, it is a paradise for people who eat and shop. Thailand cuisine is famous worldwide for his love of fresh herbs and spices. Has Gastronomy, Thailand tourism is not limited to restaurants of fame. Whether outside a stall in the city of Pattaya, or a stylish restaurant in Bangkok - Thailand tastes come in full glory. And ifEating is not exactly what you are looking for, then Thailand offers a rich shopping experience. Bangkok is home to some of the largest shopping centers in the world with almost everything under the sun had to offer - it international or local brands of household items, electronics and textiles.

What makes tourism in Thailand all the more astonishing is its culture and festivals. The legendary Thai massage has its own flow of tourists - some come for the massage and get somethe courses in Thai massage. National festivals in Amazing Thailand are the fun-for-all spray "Songkran", and the almost magical quality of "Loy Krathong".

Popular tourist destinations in Thailand are:

Phuket, Ko Samui and Hat Yai in southern Thailand, Bangkok, Pattaya, Kanchanaburi and Ayutthaya in central Thailand, Sukhothai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Mae Hong Son and Pai in northern Thailand and Khao Yai National Parkand Phimai historical park in north-eastern Thailand.


Bangkok was originally a small trading center is one of the most visited tourist places in the world today. The city has numerous sights and tourist attractions such as the Siam Ocean World, the Grand Palace Thonburi Snake Farm, Dusit Zoo, Chao Phraya river and its canals, Wat Phra Kaeo - Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Pat Pong night bazaar, and Calypso cabaret.


Originally a fishing village,Pattaya attracts many tourists and Bangkok. The Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, which offers Vimantaitalay tourist submarine travel under water corals and deep sea life, The Million Years Stone Park Pattaya Crocodile Farm, Pattaya Park Beach Resort Water Park, Funny Land Amusement Park, Siriporn Orchid Farm, Underwater World Pattaya to see, are the Thai Alangkarn Theater Pattaya Bottle Art Museum, Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, among the hundreds of tourist attractions.

Whatbegan as a rest and recreation for American soldiers in Vietnam in the 1960s is now one of the most popular destinations. Amazing Thailand, as it has known in the vernacular have seen an exponential increase in tourism through five decades, with predictions even better future prospects.

St. Francis Xavier Church Bangkok - Honoring the Apostle of the Indies

St. Francis Xavier Church Old Catholic Church in Soi
Mitrakam Bangkok, devoted to the Jesuits, who all his life
Propagation of the Gospel in Asia, although he never set foot in

Samsen Soi Mitrakam is an area known for its Vietnamese
Fleeing from religious persecution of immigrants from Vietnam. Two
War with Vietnam in the reign of King Rama III, took over
Vietnamese for the area.

With the growing Catholic population, there was a needfor
next to another Church of the Immaculate Conception Church in
Soi Mitrakham. In the year 1834 by King Rama III, the donated land and
Funds for other Catholic church in the region.

The church was to St. Francis Xavier, after the Spanish --
born, French-educated Jesuit, came to the Far East to
Propagation of the Gospel. He traveled to India, Malacca,
Moluccas or Spice Islands (now Maluku islands
in Indonesia) and in Japan.

While trying to enterChina, he died on the island off the Sanchian
Coast on 3 December 1522, celebrated a day after the feast
St Francis Xavier.

The original church of St. Francis Xavier, a bamboo structure,
A storm broke out in 1837 and was replaced by new church
this time made of wood.

Earlier in the year 1824, when King Rama III ascended the throne, his
younger brother, Prince Mongkut was ordained as a monk and
it remained for the entire 27 years of the Third Reich. Than
Monk, Prince Mongkut friend Monsignor Pallegoix, a
French missionary, who at the Immaculate Conception
Church in Soi Mitrakham.

The bishop advised the prince taught Latin in turn
Monsignor Pali, the language of Buddhist scriptures. This
Association was to have far reaching consequences for the
Catholic Church in Bangkok.

In 1851, when Prince Mongkut ascended the throne as King
Rama IV, he donated land for the Bishop PallegoixConstruction of a new
St. Francis Xavier Church.

A fundraising campaign was launched in 1853, for financial resources for more
permanent church with European architecture. This new St
Francis Xavier Church lasted 10 years.

Before he died, said St. Francis Xavier, that if he does not
Enter China directly, he would Siam (Thailand) Enter and
China by Siam.

Although he never made it to Thailand, the St. Francis Xavier
Church in Bangkok isIn his memory, a fitting honor
the Apostle of the Indies.

Street Scenes - Bangkok, Thailand

Street Scenes - Bangkok, Thailand