How to send money to Thailand

So happened to this great Thai woman or man, and you know she / he is destitute, and you want by helping to money at regular intervals. How do you do that?

There are two options: bank transfer and debit card. The debit card method is cheaper, but first a little more complicated.

1. Money Transfer

This method is best if you just want money once or several times not to broadcast regularly.

First they open a bank account if she is not have one already sent, andThe bank and account information. Then you can do money through your bank wire transfer (also known as "transfer" or "inter-bank transfer" or "SWIFT bank transfer, depending on which country you live in). This costs about U.S. $ 25 to $ 50, depending on the country you live, and the Bank, with whom you, so it is worthwhile unless you are sending more than $ 200. Some banks charge less than others, so it pays to shop around and ask what the fee.

2. ShouldCard

Open an account at a bank in your town that the PLUS or Cirrus symbol is displayed. That is, they want to have an international ATM ("ATM", or "bank machine"). PLUS and Cirrus are both international and do the same and charge the same rates to their customers (the banks). Some banks belong to both networks, some only one, some have not.

The account should be in your name. Get an ATM card (also known as "debit card" or"Bank Card") from the bank, some money in the account, and use the card at any ATM to verify the card is OK by the balance or even withdraw some funds.

Mail the card to your friend in Thailand by registered mail. When they input the card, the PIN confirmation mail (must show the identification number to enter, if the ATM card) by registered mail. Not the PIN with the card in the mail if the letter comes in the wrong hands.

You can then go toany ATM in Thailand, the statement shows the same symbol (plus or Cirrus), insert the card, enter PIN, and pull a lot of cash (Thai baht) to the limit of what you put in the. Your bank will automatically convert currency of Thai Baht to do in your currency. Since this is a separate account from your normal account, there is no danger that they (or someone else, when the card is stolen) you can access your money in the normal bank accounts. Even they can not withdrawmore money than what the account. Just make sure there is no overdraft on the account when you open it.

Most banks charge a fee for each withdrawal. Some banks charge as much as U.S. $ 5, but most are smaller. Shop around and find a bank that has the lowest fees for international ATM transactions. (My bank charges nothing for international ATM transactions, because I have a Gold Visa with them.) And tell your friends back Thai substantial amounts, not back to the ATMevery day to withdraw 100 baht, as the fees that make uneconomic.

So you can regularly transfer money to this account, and can access your girlfriend on the same day. If you regularly (say, on the first of each month or the first and fifteenth), and do you tell your friend that arrangement, then they will know to go to the banking machine on these days and can withdraw the money .

For some banks it is to go for the account possible negative (an overdraft)Although overdrafts are not allowed because they are the entire amount in the account, and the fee for international payments can then be applied revoked and put the account into a negative status. Some banks let you get away with this and some charge a large fine (of say U.S. $ 30). So check with your bank what their policy. If you do not like their policies, you can use one of three things:

Among banks;
an eye on the account (via the Bank Internet Banking)and transfer enough money into the account immediately to bring back to zero, some banks allow you to create a rule that automatically sweep money to be applied to keep out of your normal account to this account not the account negative;
Tell your friend not Thai, the remaining debt to withdraw, but leave xxx baht in the account at any time. This may or may not be possible, depending on whether the ATM in Thailand tells her the balance of the account. This is a function ofYour bank, not the ATM or PLUS or Cirrus. Some banks make the balance available, some do not.

I hope this has helped. I've used both methods (wire transfer and direct debit).

Choose the Thailand hotels

It may seem confusing with all the choice when you begin Hotel Thailand forward to your book, but there are a few tips that will save you a lot of time ...

Thailand is massively popular with tourists, and the reason is simple, it is a country blessed with an appealing variety, from the skyscrapers to museums, the beach fronts.

If you choose to start your hotel for your stay, the first choice is to decide what type of vacation youafter.

You can enjoy a luxurious stay, so you can enjoy the metropolitan region of Thailand side.

Or do you prefer an open beach hotel find out how easy and free a lifestyle as possible.

They can for the backpacker-type venue, where you literally just want a bed for the night to go, and you're not fussed where it is.

Maybe you want the kind of hotel where you rarely leave the building!

As you can see, these decisions alone opens a hugeArray of hotels, so there is no need to those who do not fit the style of your stay to search.

Only those who want to focus, and if you did, that the next step is to decide which option is the budget for you.

Any other kind of holiday will have hotels on the upper end of the area, mid-options and cheaper alternatives.

Also, through this decision before the start looking a lot of choices that are not suitable for you weed out.

Another good tip isuse on a site that has posts.

There is nothing better than real life customer reviews inform you, much better than the in-house advertising!

Even better, if the site has the opportunity to say a forum where you can discuss the options and Hotels with people and honest answers, good or bad.

So take, decide what kind of holiday you're after, what your hotel budget, and if you have a website that reviews real life has to go, you will be well on your way toFind your perfect Thailand Hotel.

Traditional medicine in Northern Thailand

Even today, Traditional Medicine in Northern Thailand is thriving and its roots go back many hundreds of years.

In northern Thailand, the foot is healing to the traditional healer in his students through the Word. There is no formal training institute to learn the art of traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is very popular in the rural areas and villages in northern Thailand.

Northern Thailand is home to many hill tribes and allthese tribes follow traditional medical practices. Each hill tribe has its own traditional medicine although there is a similarity between the practices.

Mor Muang is the term used to describe the local doctor, and there are various specialties of traditional medicine. Traditional Medicine in Thailand is generally a male tradition, and outsiders need to master to be accepted. You have to pass a dedication before they accepted in a certaintraditional medicine discipline. Most local doctors are experts on different aspects of traditional medicine, but they tend to practice a particular specialty. The specialties of traditional medicine, herbal medicine, bone and blown spiritual healing.

A botanist usually covers the entire spectrum of disease and he formulated medicines from herbs and other natural ingredients.

A bone blower is the one who has specialized in wounds and bone fractures. It is his responsibility,Repair of fractures and wounds by applying splints or envelopes and then blown out and chanted slogans on the affected area.

A spiritual healer performs ceremonies and chant incantations to call to those concerned of the spiritual essence and then heal the connection to the patient's spiritual leader and heal him.

Muay Thai Training Camps in Thailand

Are you a Muay Thai aspirant? If the Muay Thai master techniques, and make it big in this fabulous game? Well, it is better to you is to join one of several Muay Thai training camp in Thailand, as soon as possible.

Why Thailand?

You may ask - "Why Thailand?" Of course it's a valid question. Muay Thai is now an international enthusiasm with appropriate training infrastructure in various countries. So what's so special aboutThailand?

Because the game is a special place in Thailand

Today, Muay Thai might have spread its wings to other countries, with first-class Muay Thai training camps in those countries.

However, status of Muay Thai in Thailand is still very, very special. For obvious reasons. This great martial arts have emerged not only in this country, but also enjoys a wide mass popularity there. It is enjoying a long time that Muay Thai was aDemi-god status in Thailand, with virtually every Thai and only crazy about it.

the large number of Muay Thai events in the country, and the level of popular enthusiasm that any such event enjoys - The depth of the Thai peoples passion for the game can be understood on two factors.

Any successful Muay Thai fighter, whether in Thailand or another country, the company is honored as much as anything in the Thai. As we all know that Muay Thai is now in many otherCountries, with the successful hunters enjoy a high social status in these countries. But in all likelihood they are no match for the honor and respect enjoyed Thailand Muay Thai fighters in.

A state-of-the-art training camp in another country can give you all those facilities that Muay Thai training camp in Thailand offer. But the factor that the latter will give an advantage to the former, is the ambience. The feeling that you learn thisgreat martial arts in his country of origin itself is something you can free up as nothing.

In addition, the special status of the game and its players in the Thai society, a very inspiring factor will be.

At any time you feel the depth of love and affection of the Thai people have for this sport. This feeling will increase your own love and passion for Muay Thai to a great extent. This makes it easier for you to identify with the game. The environment isYou get to eat, sleep and breathe Muay Thai. This is the success in training only a matter of time for you.

Sun training camps get enrolled in one of Muay Thai in Thailand

So do not waste any more time. Get enrolled in one of the best Muay Thai training camp in Thailand. Start your dream training, and a dream life. Transform yourself into a new personality.

It is language problem in Thailand?

One might be cautiousby language and communication problem in Thailand, as you do not speak Thai. Do not worry about it at all. On average, the Thais are very fluent in English. So they are the least likely to be some kind of problem any language have.

Cultural activities in Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is now known as one of the friendliest Asian countries in the world. Also known as the land of smiles, Thailand is generally a "must go" for most people that visit Asia. Bangkok most often visited for its mix of modernity and tradition would be Thailand's beautiful capital.

Bangkok is a true gem, if you spend enough time trying to explore it thoroughly. Explore the city through its rivers, a good way to start the visit. The ChaoPraya River or "River of Kings" is the most famous river in all of Bangkok. A lot of Thailand 's history can know Bangkok found on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, making it an even better way to know. In contrast to the modern city, the river is a glimpse of how people here their old habits and traditions. Canals, or "Klong", shows the wooden houses on stilts with sampans and floating kitchens in the area.

Further down the river, you can seethe famous floating markets, bric a brac and selling Thai handicrafts, popular for tourists but as much a part of everyday life as it is for the locals for decades. And if you do not get seasick from the time you get through the busy narrow channels, head of the Royal Barges Museum. Beautiful barges which area a distinct feature of Thailand the line, you think of movies like The King and I.

Back on land there is so much to see how to do it. One thing mostTourists who frequented Bangkok again and again and again have the Erawan Shrine. Adorned with hundreds of locals and tourists every day, this shrine at the corner of Ploenchit and Ratchadamri Road to miss out on leave. Although it is not a temple (Wat), its one of the most famous sights in the busy streets of Bangkok. Many pay their respects and give offerings in the hope that their wishes would come true.

For those who see a different side of Bangkok andsomething totally unique to Thailand, head down during the Songkran (Thai New Year) or also known as hard water. Held on the hottest days of the year, the streets of Bangkok suddenly line up with people, the water cannons and water balloons, is ready for any and every purpose. This festival is also one of the oldest traditions of the Thai spirit of the show was, like a good time, just as they do were combined.

Thailand Grand hotels may not be as grand

It is easy to book a Thailand hotel online, but you have to be very careful what you decide. Hotel Thailand gladly take advantage in a number of superlatives her hotel names can be very capable or not.

You may wish to visit the most beautiful islands in the country of smiles, and book a beach resort, only to find there is not much more of a place she's on the beach.

The Grand Executive Boutique Suites you can think that to deceive this placereally something special if it is just another run of the mill hotel.

With terms such as "wellness", "green", "environmentally friendly" and "boutique" are the latest buzzwords that tend to use many hotels. This may just be words used to tempt some to drive to their hotel.

Pictures can be deceiving, too. You may think that the hotel has an Olympic swimming pool and when you arrive where it is smaller than a backyard pool.

Your best bet is to review on the hotel's website to read alongwith independent assessments. They are usually for positive and negative reviews, and this can provide a good indication of the quality of the hotel.

City-based forums can be a wealth of information. There are in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and forums with up-to-date and honest advice and you can ask questions and get clear answers.

Hotel pricing can be a little deceptive as well. Take control what you get for that price. Usually the first price is for thesmall space and it can not have air conditioning.

To a great holiday in Thailand, the research will require a little bit, but it will be worth it to run in length. The more time spent, your homework will almost guarantee that you will not be surprised if you arrive at your hotel Thailand.

Research, ask questions, opinions, and make reservations via a secure Web site. If all goes according to plan, Grand Hotel in Thailand you are reallyhis wing.

Wild Flowers of Thailand

The recent Thai government a lot of interest and by the Thai royal family, flora in Thailand is now more ground to win. From the days of slash and burn method of cultivation practices which left entire hillsides barren and infertile for the implementation of environmentally friendly approach to farming, Thailand has certainly come a long way in maintaining their original wild flowers.

Vegetation and even the wild flowers> Thailand is a tropical forest are divided into two subgroups. These are the Monsoon Forest and the other is the rain forest. With more than a quarter of the scheduled areas in Thailand forested rich, it is hardly surprising that we here are some of the most beautiful wild flowers in the world.

It is questionable, Thailand, as the national floral emblem. Some claim they are the Golden Shower Tree. This can all be grown in Thailand and is often seenalong the roads in villages. This plant was chosen for its golden flowers clustered. The yellow color of saffron, or representative of the Buddha, and therefore has a storage place in the hearts of the Thai population.

Other native plants include the Bat plant, also known as the devil flower. It looks like a flying bat, and has a purple-black flower that blooms in late summer. This is also referred to as Frangipane Lantom in Thailand. This is one of thewonderful fragrance, which is more common at night.

The other floral symbol for the title fights often, is the orchid. Thailand has the largest variety and number of orchids than anywhere else in Asia. Flowering mainly in the winter of Thailand, the best time to witness this exquisite flowers in January. You can thrive without the need for soil Thailand and can live on the side of some of the most arid landscapes.

What type of visa you need for a visit to Phuket?

When traveling in Thailand, it is important for the correct visa to apply so as not an immigration country in hot water. Forget everything you have on bribes and under-the-table deals to hear when it comes to your visa, do not treat it like a T-shirt from a street vendor. Phuket has an international airport and there are also ferry connections.

Thailand has the most countries a visa on arrival. If you travel by airplane, then how at Phuket International Airport,will be given 30 days for the purposes of tourism. You can not work on this visa.

If you have arrived in Thailand over land (not available in Phuket) and then, thanks to the new immigration laws, you will receive on arrival only besides a 15-day visa. This can be a pain for weeks traveler, to stay in Thailand more than a couple.

Officers on land borders, to ask for your next travel documents can be found to ensure that you do not spend too much time. SomeAirlines ask to see your current travel documents before they even leave on a plane to Phuket. This can be frustrating when you're plans are not set in stone, but it may be worth buying a cheap air ticket from one of the Thai Airlines. Appointments can be changed in the rule, without an additional fee.

The sensible thing to do for every tourist in Phuket, hoping to Thailand to buy some time is a tourist visa from a Thai Consulate outside. These visas generally giveThey extend to 60 days with the option for another 30 days at any Thai Immigration Office. This eliminates the hassle of running out of days and with a visa would be possible. Also, you can not work on a tourist visa and you can still change their status to a non-immigrant visa. To a foreigner, you do not have left the country and to a Thai consulate.

Another recently introduced Thai immigration law states that no tourists to the country for more than 90 days each180-day period. This means that it is from your first date of entry, one only in the country, 90 from the process 180. Enter Phuket on 1 January and stay for three months and you have to leave for three months and will not be able to return in late June.

Whatever you do, not to put on a visa, how to get into all sorts of difficulties and you will only end wasting money on fines.

Thailand-known tourist attractions

Thailand has become one of the most popular attractions for tourists around. It is offered only for its beautiful landscape and many attractions for tourists. Many attractions can be found throughout the country and each of them unique in itself, which also has tourists with interesting knowledge about Thai culture.

In Thailand there are a large number of Buddhist temples to visit the touristlearn the national religion of Thailand. For Bangkok, the capital of the country where there are important temples in many of the city. One of the main temple is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, where a Buddhist image of a large emerald is considered done. All important questions about royal family and the land is held in this temple. The Temple of Dawn is also in Bangkok on the banks of the Chao Phraya River where you can see a very niceancient architectural art in the temple. There are many other temples throughout the country, each of them has an amazing history and background.

For people interested in watching live sport, Bangkok is home to the two largest stadiums Thai boxing or Muay Thai stadiums. Muay Thai is a popular sport around the world and the best fighters in the world and appears in Lumpini Rajadamneorn stages. The stadiums hold weekly games, the most famous and best fightersoccurred in these two stages. There are many boxing schools teaching Muay Thai to interested persons.

Another popular activity of tourists is water activities. Thailand is well known for swimming home to many beautiful beaches around the country, where diving, tourists can swim sun go scuba diving, snorkeling, or beautiful white sand beaches. At the same time, tourists can enjoy buying things from local vendors, the delicious fruit to sell local food, and souvenirs of theBeach. Samui, Pattaya and Hua Hin Phuket some of the major tourist destinations for its beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere, tourists are looking for.

In addition, Thailand is also a great place for nightlife. Most entertainment venues are closed very late. Some of them have until dawn to open for parties. There are many famous DJs and high quality musicians and other entertainers who perform in the many nightclubs in the most popular tour sites throughoutof the country.

Thailand, the makers have things to offer as many as tourists or holiday. He will wait for one of the most popular destinations for tourists to visit and discover the beauty of the country and its uniqueness. , So remember not to "visit Thailand" the land for the next planning a holiday of smiles!

Luxury Alliances in Thailand - 5 star hotels in Bangkok

The easiest way to book a luxury hotel in Bangkok is selecting the official hotel websites of a specific hotel. Among the star hotels, 5 star hotels in Bangkok, the large motels, which are mostly preferred to stay by the luxury and elite class travelers. The guests of 5 star hotels in Bangkok include world famous, celebrates great politicians, famous wealthy businessmen, executives, athletes and great personalities.

The impeccable service of a five-star hotels in Bangkokattracts visitors endless. Choose one of the unique, elegant and exclusive Grand comfortable hotel in Bangkok. It is worthy enough, if you make a search for such hotels in the search engines. However, the names of some 5-star hotels in Bangkok are mentioned here.

The Bangkok Marriott Resort & Spa is a luxury hotel near the Chao Phraya River is located. You will definitely be pleased to see his elegant and well-equipped rooms. Additionally, if youBusiness or leisure travelers, the resort will have to offer many facilities to those attending.

Room amenities include air conditioning, telephone, minibar, safe, satellite TV, voice mail, Tea & Coffee making facilities, room service, in-house movies, Internet access, hair dryer, Non smoking rooms, etc. In addition there are also deluxe room facilities , hotel facilities, recreational facilities, family facilities and many more. Above all, the hotel has a large pool asgood.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand has many beautiful motels. Indeed, Thailand has many 5-star hotels to stay in the. For example, Anantara Hua Hin Resort and Spa Thailand is located on the western shore of the Gulf.

Less than 5 star hotels in Thailand this five-star alliance is really nice to stay home. The rooms of the hotel include a fitness center, fine restaurants in the area, meeting room, restaurant on site, BanquetsConferences, Spa facilities, high-speed Internet, pool, etc. During your stay at Anantara Hua Hin Resort and Spa, you can participate, in various activities such as horseback riding, jogging and walking, cycling, shopping company, play volleyball, boating and strolling along the beach. How to book Thailand hotels and enjoy the tour.

Thailand - situation update

Having lived in Thailand over the past two years I have learned from their 2006 military coup as well and their path back to democracy. The coup was bloodless and the only person that I am aware, to hurt was a taxi driver who rammed a tank park on the street because he was frustrated with him in his way. The Thai way back to democracy was well planned and organized entirely by the military coup, the WHO has been to Thailand after. First, a newConstitution was written that provided more protection against government encroachment. This constitution was approved by vote of the Thai population in a referendum. Following the adoption of this Constitution, the people then had a general election in which the same ruling party (renamed as PPP Party), which was overthrown by coups was back in. This party re-elected in a number of reasons, has been chosen, namely, the people was outside of Bangkok in love with the promise of money by statePrograms and tax cuts. The second reason was, as it turns out, was buying votes, we found this in a recent condemnation of the ruling party chief of electoral fraud.

The current Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej Court has some great political error, both internally and internationally such as bringing Thailand close to fighting with Cambodia over the border around the Preah Vihear temple in the world, which was settled in 1962 by. The Thai people alwaysfelt cheated about this and PM Samak had "solved" the problem in a one-day meeting with the Cambodian leader about six months. It has set up a military on the border near the temple in recent months ...

So ... between the conviction and some actions and decisions that did not care particularly for the general population many Thai people are not happy with the current prime minister. The opposition party is staging protests and in the last 3 months or more(As of early September 2008). Peaceful protest is a healthy expression of democracy if the government of the people can express themselves in the open. The protests were unhealthy last week. The demonstrators were met with a rival group of "anti-protesters supporting the current government. The two groups met and led to death and 40 injured. The collision resulted in a "state of emergency" declaration by the Government of concern for the situation in the entireWorld.

But the prospect of things in Thailand is still a very peaceful place to live for everyone. The struggle of the factions was an isolated event and seems to be exactly the left. Thais should not be so out of the situation out of control and escalate the violence to be praised. The emergency declaration is worrying people to attend and therefore the economic situation hurt here affect tourism. Wait so we are allPolicy to resolve their conflicts as Thailand can return smilies to "the land of.

Expat Life Thailand - Visa run to Vientiane, Laos

A few days ago I made my first visa run to Laos, with the bus.

I usually go to Singapore to get a 60-day tourist visa, but the last time I went, they refused to give me a 60-day visa, because I have an open e-ticket back to Canada. They now want a confirmed ticket and will not accept an open ticket. That is stupid if you ask me. I told the lady at the reception that if the violence in Bangkok is bad, I may call Air Canada and on my way the next day, so an open ticket is much betteras a ticket for a specific date. No Dice. So I had to fly back to Bangkok and got the usual 30-day entry to the airport. The entire trip cost me 18 000 baht include hotels, flights, meals, taxis, etc. What a waste.

I have a few visa runs by bus to Cambodia, and find that a pain in the butt, because you only 14 days and then to have to do it again, and it costs 2000 baht per time.

So this time I signed the bus to Vientiane.

I must say that the service from theVisa run and was awarded, by bus (40 seats) was filled, and it was the same comfortable bus, she runs to Cambodia, with the same driver. The driver is relatively conservative, seems to be mindful of the fact he's lost 40 farangs on board, and is as careful a driver as you want.

The bus left PB Tower on Sukhumvit soi 71 clock exactly at 8:30.

There was a break for about an hour later to pee at a service center, and then two hours later, and so on, while theNight. This gave the driver the chance to be a bit of what I thought was a good idea to relax.

Unfortunately, I have never sleep in a position to take a bus or plane, and this trip was no different. During my seat mate happily snoring the night, I sat bleary eyes, shifting in my seat at regular intervals, as my butt was sore. I appreciated the breaks and.

A DVD movie at the beginning of the trip was played, but after it was finished it was after 11 clock so that no more films were shown.

WeArrival at the border early, before 6:30 clock. I saw the sun come up. We had to sit for a while, until the border opens office, and then a bus all the ladies got our passports processed. Previously, she had collected on the bus.

is punched after Thailand, we have three mini-buses (vans) across the bridge (Mekong River) in Laos, where we waited again, while the immigration lady got our passports processed by Lao. In less than an hour we have theMini-buses in Vientiane and came to the streets for the Thai embassy about 7:30 or 7:40. There were at least 200 people already lined along the sidewalk, and it was hot.

The embassy gates opened around 08.15 clock, and we all filed in the message connection. It was a ticket machine at the front, and we sat down the queue.

However, ushered us to our former Visa lady running up the stairs in an air conditioned area and gave low-numbered cards from a vending machine. Our figuresbegan about 95, while people got tickets in the ticket machines counted more than 350th So I guess they had some contacts in Vientiane, which stood at the beginning of the line at the gates to the early hour, and then the tickets to her as she arrived an hour or more later.

The ticket numbers were called over the public address system, both in Thai and English, and repeated again, "Ticket number 37, please continue on the counter number two."

I soon realized that itno pause in the number legend, came the announcement non-stop, and soon reached the 80s. We all rushed down the stairs to the counter and were there when our numbers came. But the numbers on just rolling by on hold. Our lady collected our passports and tickets and lined them all up on the counter and then wait while telling us to go in the other building.

There we found, there were four other counters, numbered 3-6, but only one, counter 4 was active, and there were at leastwait for 100 people sitting on chairs. The waiting room was air conditioned.

Again, the numbers were out, but called this time it was big gaps in between, and there was a significant pause after each number was called. If a number was called, was a person up to 4 meters, you receive a written confirmation of order, and then exit stage left.

After each batch of 10 or 12 numbers, there was a five or six minutes late. That was when I noticed that the Thai lady was behind the counter pressureand then divides the revenue. Of course, the passports and applications processed in the other building, entered into a computer, and then the entrance was printed in this building on the counter fourth

After about 30 or 40 minutes, my number was called, I went to the counter, I got the receipt and leave. The guy next to me had a lower number, but his number was not called, he got a little angry and went to the counter where the lady told him to wait.

I walked out of theOutput, it was my visa runs Dame collection of revenue, and then and we will ring on one of the vans. My reception had shown "60 days double entry tourist visa" and "Fee: $ 0", so I was happy.

The van took us to a local restaurant where we had a Thai / Lao food breakfast or brunch of fried rice and whatever. This was free, paid for by the visa-run companies, but soft drinks were 20 Baht extra.

In Laos, you can use to Lao kip, Thai baht and U.S. dollars synonymous. If you pay in ThaiBaht, you get change in Thai Baht. If you pay in U.S. dollars, you will move to Lao Kip, which, as Cambodia's currency is very high denominations and a value. A Pepsi was 20 baht, which was reasonable, but not diet drinks were available. By the way, ATMs dispense only in Laos Lao Kip.

After brunch, we were of the van hotel, which was later taken as perfectly acceptable, maybe 2.5 stars. There was no pool, only one room, but it was a large room, bathroom, cable orSatellite TV with many Thai, Lao, and some a couple of movie channels including HBO and Star Movies.

The bathroom was typical Thai style, no shower or bathtub, shower and head to the wall. It was a flash water heater that worked, and the toilet was. The towels were big, red, soft, and of course new.

I had to pay extra 200 baht at the reception for a private room. The visa runs of 5,000 baht fee includes a shared room (two per room). The fee will increase to 6,000 Bahtends after the free tourist visa support fifth June.

In bed from 01.00 clock in the afternoon I slept for several hours, got up, showered, watched a movie, then went in search of dinner. I walked up and down the main street nearby, but it was not appealing. But had the office complex situated 20 meters from the hotel restaurant, so I went and found in 5 more farangs from visa requirements to run there. The food was good, the prices were not expensive, and I could pay with ThaiBaht. The young lady behind the counter was probably the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on, and I have years since Thailand now and then for 20 It made me wish I were 25 again.

The next day I had breakfast in the same restaurant, and then, at 1PM, we piled into the van again and were taken to the border. There are a lot of "Duty Free" shops at the border. We waited about 45 minutes or so, and then the visa runs lady showed up, and we all went through with the ImmigrationLao border people looking at us, not about our passports, which the visa runs lady was seen.

Back over the bridge to Thailand, where we waited another 45 minutes or so, then it was back in the bus for the return trip. Within an hour we stopped at a restaurant where we have a Thai meal, again free, non-alcoholic beverages extra 20 baht.

The return trip was much faster, as several DVD movies were played, which occupies the time and spirit.

We came back inBangkok at 01.30. You can get everywhere erased along the route, some leave at Ramkhamhaeng. I waited until the end, which was right next Ekamai BTS station, where I soon found out that the BTS is closed. A 80 baht taxi later I was back home.

I would do it again? Definitely yes. The whole process was pretty much automatic. The company took care of everything. You have to book a flight in advance if. A Farang apparently called to find out the price and the timeappeared and was angry that there is no place for him. But he had not made a reservation, did not have his name or phone number, then, no luck. Of course, he had left it until the last day of his visa, he would have to leave the next day and somehow pay the 500 baht cover charge.

To summarize: leave at 8:30 PM, spend a night on the bus. It will then wait for about half a day, included with brunch. Check in to hotel, sleep a little, or if you have the stamina to explore Vientiane.Not much there, but. Do you eat, sleep one night in Hotel. The next day, to wait for a morning or visit Vientiane, then by bus to Bangkok, arriving around 1:30 Clock.

If you wish to do so themselves, the company I used "Quick Thai Visa Run", 6 OG, PB Tower, Sukhumvit Soi 71st The contact is Phillip, who speaks perfect English 02-713-2498 (office hours) or 09-0245-255 (24 hours). you have a website, but it was not updated for a while, and onlyCambodia calls their run to run, not Laos.

Travel to Thailand - 8 places to Start Your Thailand vacation

Bangkok large mango

Bangkok is the ideal starting point for any Thai holidays and countless hundreds of monstrous shopping malls and clubs you are always busy. The tourist attractions around the Grand Palace will be carried out on a weekend and if shopping is not your thing Bangkok have exit in all directions at very reasonable prices by plane, bus or train. It is also home to the mysterious Khosan Road street that the big starting point for anyone who wants to be, iscalled a real backpacker in Asia. You will be right at home with backpackers as Starbucks and Mac D, that in a few years moved to feel joy.

Pattaya, the black pearl of the east coast of Thailand

Pattaya, by the Americans during the Southeast Asia wars discovered built by Sun hungry men from the United Kingdom in the 1980 raid by the Vikings in 1990 and went to sleep until around 2000 when the Arab invasion began, but was stopped by the Russian takemore than in 2006. People come to Pattaya to live, to play golf, visit the many girls at bars, but they do not come to swim in the sea. Pattaya is an ideal family holiday destination, but Thai family nor their flock to big weekends under large umbrellas, with their cloth sit playing cards and eating seafood.

Issan the Lost Kingdom

Not many tourists then travel north Ayutthaya, but more to the northeast is the forgotten tourist destination when Issan (Essan). Issan is what many people call the real Thailand and north-east are the work horses behind all of the factories and farms rice in Thailand. On the big holidays, you can see, Bangkok shut down and bus overcrowding with people trying to, again to the receive Lost Kingdom. People who visit Thailand for, to where not many tourists have visited before, this is the perfect place at the beginning of your exploration. Most backpackers skipped northeast> Thailand and parts of the line just to the north, this is a hidden gem. They are not many other white people see only the older settlers and their local younger woman. Do not be surprised if some villages have never seen a white man, and you will see that his smile and genuine Thai hospitality. You can take the bus, but the best way to travel is by car or motorcycle when you can.

Samui island in the rebel outposts

Samui was the beginning of a large farmCoconuts, but most of them were cut down or died from an illness and nothing is done to save them. Now Samui in southern Thailand is a place for backpackers that Thailand could not leave because they do not want their jobs back suite. She could not get enough of trance music from the island of Koh Phangan. The former backpackers have spa, yoga centers, Cologne, wellness centers and just feel happy because I put too much weed smoke centers. Samuireal virgin beaches and bungalows by the sea and in the rainy season has flooded the whole center to receive. Compare it a bit to Christiania in Denmark since the motorcycle gangs also found their way here, it's more sunny.

Phuket Andaman Pearl

Phuket is the starting point of each island-hopping tour in southern Thailand and many low cost carriers to fly here every day from around the world. It is home to many expat and you will find most derided pricesever for a house on this island. Phuket is a perfect holiday for anyone imprisoned because she has the night life, the clean beaches and cheap hotels, if you look for it. Phuket has never really recovered after the 2004 tsunami and the many hotels are empty, can find most of the season and a real bargain.

The islands in Krabi

Who can forget the old James Bond movie "Goldfinger" and the hidden island near Krabi in southern Thailand? If you like, beaches, Underwater world to explore, quiet night life then Krabi is the place to go. It is also the place people go for climbing. Krabi has many spectacular five-star resort where the beach really belongs to you and not the trouble, many tourists travel here below.

Chiang Mai in the north kingdom

It does not matter how you write it Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Cheang Cheng May or May, there is still the capital of Northern Thailand. Many artists and cultural personalities from both> Thailand and abroad have built houses here are creating a unique atmosphere in this northern part of Thailand. If you would like May farther north and visit the hill tribes of Thailand, Chiang is your starting point. The city is burning some of its charm to congestion and forest, but lost in the cold season, Thai Travel, so that they may, on the ignited clothing and winter's try it bought in Bangkok. If you want cheap Thai-style furniture imported from Burma buy this is thego to play.

Hua Hin Paradise, the new Charter

Thai people think of Hua Hin as a high-society city and how to arrive there by car and stay in hotels and Posh visits expansive spa. The resort is famous because it is where the King of Thailand such as the castle has his summer residence. The tourists who come here are mostly charter and Hua Hin is ideal for families, it is even a little difficult to get there. The beach stretches for ever and ever year they play elephantPolo here.

1 Year Thailand Retirement Visa - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements?

A: You must be 50 years old or older and must baht a monthly pension of at least 65,000 baht, or money / savings in a bank in Thailand for at least 800,000. You have no criminal record and Thailand should be in force.

Q: What are the required documents?

A: - Passport with the non-immigrant visa O
- Departure Card - Proof of meeting financial needs
- Thailand Bank book (original) andthe letter from the Thai bank where you have the bill
- Certificate of your message, including your monthly pension from your home country
- Photos or three pieces (4 x 6) in business clothes (within six (6) months)

Q: Can I think US / UK bank account as a condition for the Thai Retirement Visa?

A: No, money / account must be in Thailand this.

Q: Is there a minimum period, the bank deposit in order before you can apply the money in,1 Year Retirement Visa?

A: The money must be deposited in the bank two months before the actual retirement one year visa application. Normally, if you apply outside of Thailand, you will be issued O are first a 90-day non-immigrant visa. After converting the 90-day non-immigrant visa O, you need 21 days remaining period of validity of your visa. It is recommended that you open a bank account immediately after arriving in Thailand, so you find the time to completeRequirement.

Q: Will my partner go with me to Thailand to retire, he / she must separate the same financial commitment?

A: Yes. Both of you must deposit 800 000 baht in a Thai bank in the amount of 1.6 million. If your partner under age 50 years, he / she may only be dependent. This way, you need only 800,000 baht as a financial obligation.

Q: Can I use my stuff to Thailand?

A: When entering Thailand, youwill pay six months to bring your household items from your home country.

Q: What is the tax to Thailand to bring my household effects, if any?

A: After one year Retirement Visa is granted, your luggage will not be taxed. However, if you are only entitled to one-year stay in Thailand for less than one, there is a VAT tax of 20% import duty plus 7%.

Q: How often do I have to have to appear during the Thai Immigration Officeentire application process?

A: If the application itself, you may have to go to the immigration authorities several times. If you hire an agency to help you, your first and only appearance at the Immigration to the approval of the visa you need it to be the visa will be signed document with the presence of employees of the Immigration Office.

Q: What restrictions are there, if I Retirement visas are granted 1 year?

A: This type of visa is designed for thePensioner, the owners are not allowed to work or to any employment activities in Thailand. They are also required to report to the Immigration Department every 90 days in Thailand Office review your current address or status.

Q: Can I travel to Thailand during the term of 1 year?

A: 1 Year Thailand Retirement Visa issued in Thailand is usually only a single-entry visa. But is issued on the same day the visa, the applicant mayapply for a "multiple re-entry permit, which will enable him / her to travel to Thailand at any time within the validity period of the visa.

Demystifying Thailand Visa terminologies

The use of a Thai visa application for approval of the rule relate to the visit of the foreigners authority or the Thai Embassy of Consulate / Overseas obtain, renew or extend, an entry into a common misnomer among neophyte stunned Expats in Thailand. While the difference is not really on the joint Thai visa applicants whose main concern is to get his passport issue successfully, it certainly helps to be familiar with these different conditions, especially for future reference in relation to theMaintenance of your long-term visa in Thailand. In addition, it also facilitates more efficient communication with your agent, the visa can be experienced with these common conditions and may use it to explain the procedures.

Below are the common terminology that Thailand is applying for a visa at:

Thai visa application as the word means usually refers to an entry permit to get from the Thai embassy or consulate abroad.on your personal circumstances and the type of entry permit where it can also be applied for in Thailand made depending. Thai Visa application is the first procedure before the Thai visa extensions as the current entry permits are subject to extensions if needed. For example, the standard retirement age begins visa application process with a non-O visa application from the Thai Embassy applicant's home country. This is usually a 90-day pass. The same process goes with the non B application. A90-day-B visa is given to the applicant during the application. These initial visa will be retired in a year or a year or another 90 days visa extended B as long as the requirements are met.

Thai Visa extension, needs to be extended out to extend or expand the current entry permits, the validity is due. The extension is as long as requirements are met given. Extensions are usually done at each immigration office over the kingdom. A 60-dayTourist visa can example, for a month under the extended at the Immigration Office for a fee of 1900 baht.

Thai Visa conversion relates to the change from one type to another Visa. Suppose a transaction for a retirement visa. There are certain travel documents, the need that Thailand can not be switched on. If you are a competent agent visa then you may need to go more out of the country when you turn the document referred to travel to anotherType.

Thai Visa extension is another term you need in order to maintain itself especially if you are not a Thai Thailand PR holders in. Most long-term entry permits for a year well they are subject to renewal with the right conditions. A visa for retirement example is renewed for another year as long as you have the necessary resources. A marriage visa can be renewed as long as you are still married, and you have the necessary funding. The good thing about this type ofRenewal is that it is easy and simple, as long as you have the requirements to's.

Thai Visa validity refers to the entire period of the visa is valid. This is usually stamped in your passport when you enter to Thailand so you have this carefully to avoid later date with overstay fine. This period should not be confused with the grace of the validity of the visa (or) before entering Thailand as soon as the visa in the embassy abroad resulting from the Thai. This isusually with the phrase and suggested "before (DATE)" itself in the visa

Thai Visa terminologies are best understood how to do it or experience it in a context. You should apply and expand the next time, convert or renew your visa in a position to know these differences. Once you up to date with these basic concepts you would feel comfortable and confident in the next Thai visa application.

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