Climbing - Thailand The Spot

Mention Thailand and images of beaches, elephants and Bangkok come to mind. Less well known is the fact Thailand rock climbing is one of the best in the world.


The hotel is located in Southeast Asia, Thailand south bordered by Cambodia, Burma and Laos to the north and Malaysia in the. The shape of the country is reminiscent of Italy, and Italy you will find similar differences between northern and southern Thailand that you are in. For RockClimbers, south of Thailand is where the action is.

The rock formations in Thailand are almost everywhere limestone. The level of climbing can be as simple as bouldering or as challenging as tackling over vertical cliffs. This makes Thailand a popular rock climbing destination since it has something for everyone.


At the southern section of the "tail" of Thailand, Krabi has a variety of climbingChallenges. Most of the climbs in this area are the pre-bolted sport route variety. There are literally hundreds of climbs with difficulty levels from beginner to multi-pitch screw ankle breaker.

The beauty of climbing in Krabi is ... well, the beauty. As you might have visions of jungles of Thailand and mosquitoes when thinking, Krabi is an area of a different kind, most climbs were set to rock faces at the beach. As natural capitalists, theThais have hotels, bars and so on built in these locations. As a result, you can literally multi-pitch routes climbing for five hours to cool down with a swim and then drink a beer. If it climb something like a heaven, many feel Krabi.

Before you cash in your savings, keep in mind that Thailand faces a seasonal vacation spot. If you go during the rainy season, there's a good chance that you'll just end up sitting and drinking. That's not bad, you will gocrazy look at the increases are so close, but oh so far away.

Generally, you want to head to Thailand from late November through maybe April. The summer months are usually both incredibly hot and humid. Make sure you pull up forecasts for the area before booking a trip.

Flying to Thailand is inexpensive, but flights are incredibly long with stopovers. However, it is all worth it when you experience Thailand rock climbing.

Diving in Thailand

The possibilities for diving in Thailand are almost endless. Thailand Diving listed this as one of the top ten places for divers and it is not surprising why, when water sees the world-class dive sites, clean white sand beaches and crystal clear water. In fact, Thailand is the perfect place for that.

This beautiful land is full of history and culture. The Thais are very friendly and hospitable, while accommodations vary from budget to luxury. Itover 50 diving centers in the cities and the sea islands along the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman.

Thailand has a varied environment, the mountains dive ranges from deep water to sheer rock formations above the sea, coral gardens rocks below shallow warm water to granite formations created by the submarine, and limestone walls plunge deep into the sea, with numerous dark caves .

Thailand is blessed with hard and softCorals. While diving you can see, often big fish, whale sharks, silver tip sharks and manta rays. Dive sites never stitch to fish in Thailand impress the most experienced divers with its variety and species of tropical.

Diving in Thailand takes place all year round. However, the best time of year for diving in the Andaman Sea and other diving courses of October to June. During this time, the sea is calm and you can pretty much go into the seaBoats to enjoy the unique diving experience that Thailand has to offer.

Diving is usually done in three areas in Thailand. One thing is Pattaya, Bangkok is very close, second place is the islands of the Gulf of Thailand. This includes the islands of Ko Samui and Ko Tao. The last place is popular with divers, the west coast of Thailand. Here, Phuket, Krabi and Ko Phi Phi experience offer the best in the Andaman Sea.

Buying land in Thailand

a nice vacation in Thailand after amazing, you are so excited people by its amazing beaches, beautiful and culinary delights, the paradise of decided to buy a piece of it and call it their own little place in the tropics. She turned excitedly to your computer, Thailand entered into purchase of land and pushed into force. Thousands upon thousands of entries will beckon for this wonderful "click". But before you carried away, you have enough information about Buying property in Thailand? You are good in the Thai common property problems in this country protected prevailing?

In the past two decades or so, Thailand has seen beauty influx of foreigners spending their hard earned money to acquire property in this country. Unfortunately, this act in ignorance of the Thai laws helplessly witnessed their money down the drain will not pay of. Now, restored to reason, one wonders: Are foreigners allowed to own land inThailand? In general, foreigners are not allowed to directly buy land in Thailand. Put simply, Thai laws prohibit foreigners from land ownership in his own name, even though theoretically there is an exception, but it is in practice seen of it.

Nevertheless, there are alternatives available to foreigners for a successful acquisition of land. The most common way is to set up your own Thai limited company to own the land in your name. Another option is in forcea long-term lease with the property owners. It is a generally unknown fact that, while foreigners can not own land in Thailand, he can sure up their own house or structure. One only has to apply for planning permission to build the house in his own name.

The next step is to come to Thailand in well familiar with the process of buying real estate. It is also important to understand the different types of Thai property evidence, determine the extent of the ownerRights over the land on you are interested, it is advisable to know in advance the cost of transmission and Thailand property taxes in. Use the property to the computers of over-all cost to determine the transmission.

all, the Thai legal services for real estate acquisition of registered and reputable lawyers in Thailand interests Protect and ensure that you will be their tropical paradise soon become a reality.

Things You Should Know Before Going To Thailand

Thailand has three seasons basically:

November-February = Hot.

March -May = Hot and humid.

June-October = Hot and Wet (rain season)

Whenever you go it will be hot. Be sure to pack light weight cotton shirts, shorts and sandals if you wear them. Thailand can be mostly a casual affair but if you are going to temples or to the palace you need to dress appropriately. Men, no shorts and long sleeves are preferred. Ladies, no shorts, short skirts or halter tops. If you will be in Thailand for a few weeks you'll notice a need for a few showers a day (it can be that hot) Which means going through some clothes. Around every corner is a Thai Laundry which will take care of your clothes for you and at bargain prices. The hotels offer the same service but at much higher rates and usually they take them around the corner to the same shop! You'll also find many markets selling clothes cheaply so don't over the room for the trinkets you'll be bringing back.

As far as toiletries go you can find everything you need in Thailand cheaply. So, unless you have a favorite you can't live without you can get all your supplies at stores like 7/11, Carefour and or Tesco. No need to add all the extra weight and buy new toiletries for the trip when you can get it there and much cheaper.

Being a hot climate you'll find yourself drinking more water than usual probably. DO NOT drink the tap water. Brushing your teeth and rinsing is fine as well as ice cubes in shops and restaurants. Even the Thais drink bottled water for the most part and it can be had very cheaply, especially the Thai brands.

Food is everywhere and in the tourist areas you can get anything and everything, from Lasagna to Lobster Thermador and all the fast food you could possibly want. Then there is the overwhelming amount of different Thai foods and fruits. If you've come this far for the experience then don't let the Thai food pass you by as it is the best on earth bar none and it is good for you for the most part. Don't be afraid to try different things and don't worry that it might not sit well, you'll never know till you try. Not all Thai food is spicy but you can ask to have dishes prepared less spicy.

Toilets I've covered before in "The Art of Using a Thai Toilet" . If you are mainly in the tourist areas you probably will only run into western style toilets but be prepared for a few things. Number one the bathroom might not have toilet paper and you'll see a hose next to the toilet with a rinser on the end like you have on your kitchen sink. This is used to clean yourself and it works quite well. Might want to carry around some napkins or tissue until you get the lay of the land. You will often see signs when toilet paper is available stating not to flush the paper but instead deposit it in the pail or can provided. Please do as the sign says. Thailand's sewer system can't handle it and it can cause problems quickly. Besides if you use the rinsing hose then the paper is essentially clean anyway.

The outside world is easy to get in touch with as there are internet shops everywhere as well as phone shops to place overseas calls. Most hotels also offer these services but also charge much more for them. If you have a cell phone that uses a sim card you can get it unlocked at many different shops, then you can buy a Thai sim card and call home. Ask the person who unlocked it to set it up for you and the calls home will be cheap! When you get home swap out the sim card to your old one and you're set...and a perk is you're phone will now work on any network.

These are just a few things to consider if your are going on your first trip. Don't sweat the small things because in Thailand you will be able to find most of the things you can find at home, only cheaper.

I'll be adding a series of articles in this area. In the next few rounds of this type of article I'll let you know about getting around town, hotels, markets and nightlife. It would probably be a good idea to touch on the different tourist scams as well...forewarned is forearmed.

Retirement Thailand - How to resolve a lifetime of good health

If a good lifestyle is the secret to a healthy old age, then for anyone considering retirement, will awaken your senses Thailand and amaze you with its fascinating, live-and-let-live lifestyle, wonderful natural diversity of people and warm hospitality. And then there's the Thai women also.

But to prepare, everything you once thought was forgotten 'normal. "

Because to be honest, although it eliminated the idea of the grounds of age, could loveThailand, it is not always easy! Life here is often transformed themselves bombarded by a whole new way of thinking in an adventure of one kind or another leave. And it can seem serious, as if no one in Thailand is only the faintest idea about anything about them seriously should too!

In other words, the choice to retire in Thailand, is probably the healthiest way to do what you ever! Want to know why?

It is very simple. There is an abundance of beautiful ThaiWomen and the relaxing, peace-loving Thais have a pleasant relaxed. And that's just the beginning. The all-encompassing and heart felt welcome you to come here to get all the worries melt away.

Maybe, just maybe, you're going to fall in love with the country.

And speaking of Thai women, if they are an important part of your retirement in Thailand vision, then prepare to impress. Or mildly affected! The pants are a great kick-in-the-byany Westerner who has never ventured to an Asian country. For the "Thai wife factor 'seems to rub off on everyone, one way or another, come to Thailand to visit or live.

Having said all that, you might notice that the culture just too strange for you time, the weather is incredibly hot, and the language is much to learn too heavy. But the little challenges remain. It is a tropical country and the language is very capable of learning with some persistence (and especiallyhelp with a Thai girlfriend to!)

Of course, you do not have to either live in the heart of Bangkok (Thailand 's working capital). There are plenty of smaller towns and lifestyle options. One could easily live comfortably in the mountains far to the north or south west to the coast and beach lifestyle of places like Phuket.

As always tell you that the low cost of living, interesting expat community, Internet access, and low crime are all add up to amore attractive "retirement lifestyle."

Oh and one more thing - we have not even touched on the food yet! (The Thai people! For their food) Prepare to be impressed. And be prepared to never stop asking why so much spicy hot Thai food in a tropical, hot climate always like to eat ... I would urge you to try to find out that one of its own.

On the other side of the coin, the Thai people tend to be a bit on the loud side at times, can suffer from a lack ofCreativity and originality and their driving behavior can be quite nerve-wracking. But do not worry, the only person to get serious about something will be like ... (Can you guess?) You!

And what about Thailand living costs? Now you know what? It costs so little to live here (in comparison to other "Western" countries) that you think twice about buying "always" something in their own country!

All in all, if you are considering retirement, Thailand is veryEastern may be the perfect lifestyle that could be your beautiful rainbow after a summer rain! There is only one real way to find out ... come and see for yourself.

How to apply for work permit Thailand

All foreign nationals working in Thailand are required to possess a work permit at all. A Thai work permit is a blue booklet, Thailand authorizes an alien to work. There, the information identified in connection with his / her employment as company, position, position of the office and the appropriate duration. The Thailand Department of Labor, the State Agency for the exhibition of its kind to allow.

If theforeign national is currently outside of Thailand, process applications for Thai work permit can be divided into two phases of the.

First Phase: Non-Immigrant Visa Thailand category "B"

The foreigners, as a condition for applying for a Thai work permit, visa is required to a non-immigrant visa category "B" or Thailand business. You can either for a single entry with three months validity or multiple entries with one year validity, be issued by the Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate.

The documents essential for the Thailand visa application are as follows:

Passport or travel document with at least twelve months validity
Thai Visa Application Form
Recent photo
Evidence of sufficient funding 20,000.00 THB 40,000.00 THB per person and family
Letter of approval by the Ministry of Labour (as it will WP2)
Thai Company Registration paperwork for transfer companies inThailand (such as the Thai business registration, certificate, and all financial records)
Copy of previous Thai work permit and foreign income tax (if applicable)

Second phase: Thai work permits

After approval of the application for the Non-Immigrant Visa Thailand "B", the next step is the request to enable before the Office of Foreign Workers Administration of Thailand under the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour for a Thai work.

ButFirstly, demonstrated that he / she will be the skills of the Thai law fulfilled provided. He / she must be lawful or may temporarily stop Thailand and is physically and mentally healthy. People, tuberculosis, syphilis, leprosy, elephantiasis, addiction and alcoholism are on drugs strictly prohibited in Thailand with a work permit.

This authorization may only be granted if the applicant in a professional, games will be employed theirEducation and skill level. In addition, there are 39 occupations reserved for Thais. These jobs are to be provided in Royal Decree 2522 and the breach by up to five years imprisonment and / or a fine 2000-10000 THB punishable.

The application must be accompanied by Thai work permit, the following requirements:

Recent photography in the last six months made (best shown in a suit and tie)
Certificate duly signed by the Thai employer stating the need for a jobForeigners
Applicant education and professional experience record
Medical certificate issued within the last six months reflects that he is free from any of the prohibited diseases
Passport and Certificate of Permanent Residence and Certificate of Alien
Map of the location of the company or enterprise

In most cases, if the application is approved, it will be issued with a maximum of one year validity. The validity period may be shorter if the requested deadline no more than oneYear. The Thai government has a new 2 years work permit. It is available on some Thai companies to meet the financial requirements for company revenue.

Thailand Full Moon Party Schedule for 2009

The Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan, Thailand is now a right of passage for every backpacker, who comes to Southeast Asia.

Started many years ago with only a small group of people who would meet them on every full moon and decided a party on the beach at Haad Rin. Now as many as 10,000 people show up each month to celebrate until dawn.

From early morning people start their way down to the beach to the sand with a beer or an early unwindBucket watch all the light shows.

Around midnight, the party starts at wild. The beach is at its busiest and play every bar is his music loud enough to drown the noise of their neighbors. Music ranges from pop classics, hard house and drum n bass.

If you decide to go to Thailand this year, then you need to know some facts.

· Switch are a couple of days early to accommodation in Haad Rin

• If you do not think you can handleThe noise all night every night, then stay out of town. There are many taxis and boats to you about whatever the time.

• If you leave the island on the day after the party you're getting your boat in advance how they will fill up quickly.

Also you need to know the schedules for the Full Moon Parties.

Here are the dates for the 2009 schedule. (Please note this may change by Thai holidays or elections)

10. February, 10 March, 9th April, May9. 7. June, 9 July, 6 August, 4 September, 4 October, 2 November 2nd December.

I hope you have a great time and realize that they are very strong and buckets that you have to pace yourself if you should take the night. My best is 04.00 clock the next day, without anything other than alcohol in my system. You think you can beat it?