How to apply for work permit Thailand

All foreign nationals working in Thailand are required to possess a work permit at all. A Thai work permit is a blue booklet, Thailand authorizes an alien to work. There, the information identified in connection with his / her employment as company, position, position of the office and the appropriate duration. The Thailand Department of Labor, the State Agency for the exhibition of its kind to allow.

If theforeign national is currently outside of Thailand, process applications for Thai work permit can be divided into two phases of the.

First Phase: Non-Immigrant Visa Thailand category "B"

The foreigners, as a condition for applying for a Thai work permit, visa is required to a non-immigrant visa category "B" or Thailand business. You can either for a single entry with three months validity or multiple entries with one year validity, be issued by the Royal Thai Embassy or Royal Thai Consulate.

The documents essential for the Thailand visa application are as follows:

Passport or travel document with at least twelve months validity
Thai Visa Application Form
Recent photo
Evidence of sufficient funding 20,000.00 THB 40,000.00 THB per person and family
Letter of approval by the Ministry of Labour (as it will WP2)
Thai Company Registration paperwork for transfer companies inThailand (such as the Thai business registration, certificate, and all financial records)
Copy of previous Thai work permit and foreign income tax (if applicable)

Second phase: Thai work permits

After approval of the application for the Non-Immigrant Visa Thailand "B", the next step is the request to enable before the Office of Foreign Workers Administration of Thailand under the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour for a Thai work.

ButFirstly, demonstrated that he / she will be the skills of the Thai law fulfilled provided. He / she must be lawful or may temporarily stop Thailand and is physically and mentally healthy. People, tuberculosis, syphilis, leprosy, elephantiasis, addiction and alcoholism are on drugs strictly prohibited in Thailand with a work permit.

This authorization may only be granted if the applicant in a professional, games will be employed theirEducation and skill level. In addition, there are 39 occupations reserved for Thais. These jobs are to be provided in Royal Decree 2522 and the breach by up to five years imprisonment and / or a fine 2000-10000 THB punishable.

The application must be accompanied by Thai work permit, the following requirements:

Recent photography in the last six months made (best shown in a suit and tie)
Certificate duly signed by the Thai employer stating the need for a jobForeigners
Applicant education and professional experience record
Medical certificate issued within the last six months reflects that he is free from any of the prohibited diseases
Passport and Certificate of Permanent Residence and Certificate of Alien
Map of the location of the company or enterprise

In most cases, if the application is approved, it will be issued with a maximum of one year validity. The validity period may be shorter if the requested deadline no more than oneYear. The Thai government has a new 2 years work permit. It is available on some Thai companies to meet the financial requirements for company revenue.

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