Thailand Full Moon Party Schedule for 2009

The Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan, Thailand is now a right of passage for every backpacker, who comes to Southeast Asia.

Started many years ago with only a small group of people who would meet them on every full moon and decided a party on the beach at Haad Rin. Now as many as 10,000 people show up each month to celebrate until dawn.

From early morning people start their way down to the beach to the sand with a beer or an early unwindBucket watch all the light shows.

Around midnight, the party starts at wild. The beach is at its busiest and play every bar is his music loud enough to drown the noise of their neighbors. Music ranges from pop classics, hard house and drum n bass.

If you decide to go to Thailand this year, then you need to know some facts.

· Switch are a couple of days early to accommodation in Haad Rin

• If you do not think you can handleThe noise all night every night, then stay out of town. There are many taxis and boats to you about whatever the time.

• If you leave the island on the day after the party you're getting your boat in advance how they will fill up quickly.

Also you need to know the schedules for the Full Moon Parties.

Here are the dates for the 2009 schedule. (Please note this may change by Thai holidays or elections)

10. February, 10 March, 9th April, May9. 7. June, 9 July, 6 August, 4 September, 4 October, 2 November 2nd December.

I hope you have a great time and realize that they are very strong and buckets that you have to pace yourself if you should take the night. My best is 04.00 clock the next day, without anything other than alcohol in my system. You think you can beat it?

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